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WhoDaresWins.com provides information and resources about the British SAS and Special Forces Worldwide.
The goal of Who Dares Wins is to develop a sporting brand that will help finance the Who Cares Wins charity for ex-service personnel suffering from PTSD.
The Sustained and ongoing roles of the SAS are believed to Include:
•       The gathering of Intelligence in severe Combat Situations
•       The preparation of combat by means of sabotage and Aggressive Raiding in Acute Combat Situations
•       Concurrence With United Kingdom Police forces for the purpose of counter Terrorism Operations
•       Active Role in overseas Counter Terrorism Operations
•       Additional Training of Foreign soldiers, and the training of guerrilla Groups in unconventional warfare.
•       Support of the United Kingdom’s Foreign Policy with activities in counter-Revolutionary Warfare
•       The Protection and Welfare Of British VIPs’ Including The monarchy and Highly Targeted Political Leaders

SAS Iranian Embassy Seige

Command, Control and Organisation…
The SAS (Special Air Service) is under the OPCON (Operational Control) of Director Special Forces and is widely considered to be an asset of strategic Value. However, Occasionally Operational Control is delegated to Operational and Tactical commanders as necessary.
The Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) is the principal special forces unit of the British Army. A small and secretive institution, the SAS has served as a model for similar units fielded by other countries.
The British SAS forms a significant part of the United Kingdom Special Forces. The other parts are: the Special Boat Service (SBS), the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), and the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG).
The British SAS can trace its existence back to 1941 when British Army volunteers conducted raids behind enemy lines in the North African Campaign of World War II. The Regiment’s motto is “Who Dares Wins”.