SAS Find Severed heads of 50 Yazidi sex slaves in ISIS rat tunnels

A report on Sunday said that the Special Air Service (SAS) troops of the British Army have found the severed heads of 50 sex slaves in Islamic State (ISIS) rat tunnels. The discovery was made by the SAS as they reached the last stronghold of the terror group in Syria.

The Daily Mail reported that ISIS jihadis purportedly beheaded dozens of Yazidi women before discarding their heads in dustbins within a network of tunnels in the besieged town of Baghuz, located on the banks of the Euphrates in Eastern Syria near the Iraqi border.

Representational image | Photo Credit: IANS

Speaking to the newspaper, a source said: “In their hour of defeat, the jihadis’ cruelty knew no bounds. They conducted a cowardly slaughter of these desperately unfortunate women as a final act of depravity and left their severed heads behind for us to find.”

“The motivation for such a sickening act is beyond comprehension for any remotely normal human being…None of the SAS troops who entered Baghuz will forget what they saw, which some soldiers likened it to a scene from the film ‘Apocalypse Now’. Their only solace is that they have contributed to bringing the Islamic State’s reign of terror to an end,” the source added.

Reports had suggested that the SAS soldiers fired tens of thousands of machine-gun rounds and 600 mortar bombs earlier February, pushing the ISIS militants into a network of tunnels beneath the town.

An official with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that over 1,000 foreign jihadists could still be staying among civilians in Baghouz, the area full of defensive tunnels.

The tactic has slowed the pace of the SDF’s advance. “It is expected that there are still undiscovered tunnels, even rooms underground,” said SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali. “This creates a military problem for us.”

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