Peacekeeping Missions

sas tshirts SASR – Peacekeeping

The SASR has been at the forefront of numerous peacekeeping missions in recent years. The first SASR units to deploy on active service after the Vietnam War did so as part of Australian peacekeeping deployments. The first major deployment of SASR troops occurred when a squadron sized group deployed as part of the Commonwealth Monitoring Force in Rhodesia during the 1980 changeover to Zimbabwe. Small SASR units were attached to Australian forces in Somalia to provide an elite response and VIP protection and security. Contrary to some reports, SASR did not provide a security team for service in Cambodia although a number of SAS qualified signallers from 152 Signal Squadron were deployed as part of the Australian military contribution to the United Nations Advance Mission in Cambodia (UNAMIC) and FCU UNTAC. SASR Patrol Medics were also deployed as part of the contribution to the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda, some of whom were present during the massacre at Kibeo. The current SOCOM RSM earned a Medal for Gallantry in Rwanda. There is a dedicated Security Sergeant’s position within the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) allocated to SASR and several SAS qualified Signals Sergeants have also been deployed to MFO in Sinai. In addition, individual members of the SASR have been attached to a wide range of Australian peacekeeping deployments where their high levels of technical skills have proven invaluable.