Air Troop

sas tshirts The British Special Air Service Air Troops

sas air troops

The Air Troop recruits are specialized in above ground insertion. Recruits are capable of entering deep into battle space from a high altitude, delivering personnel and equipment for those well beyond enemy lines.

Operators are trained in three major forms of parachute infiltration; standard conventional military or static line parachuting; High Altitude Low Opening (HALO), and High Altitude High Opening HAHO). HALO and HAHO bear significant risks to the operator as HALO insertions involve a long free-fall followed by the parachute opening at a low level of 2,000 feet. The operator is then exposed to detection and fire but for only a minimum possible period. HAHO, however; allow the aircraft to deliver the operator from a significantly grater range from the drop zone. Upon leaving the aircraft, operators immediately deploy a parachute which allows them to glide over a long distance, thus reducing the risk of mission compromise. Oxygen is supplied to all operators in order to survive the depleted air at high altitudes and an altimeter, an instrument used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level, is used for navigational purposes.

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