Gulf War

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During the Gulf War, SAS teams were inserted deep within Iraq to search for mobile Scud launchers. Their mission was to locate the launchers and call in air strikes or dispatch the missiles themselves. Within nine days of the war’s beginning, Scud launches from the SAS’ area of responsibility had completely stopped. 

On January 22, 1991, an eight man team of the SAS, code named the Two Bravo Zero, was dropped deep behind Iraqi lines. The team was compromised the day after it was inserted and attempted to escape west into Syria some one hundred miles away. The team travel separate ways to assist in the survival of the mission. They endured the worst weather the region had experience in over thirty years. Of the original eight-man team three were killed and four were captured. It is reported that one man managed to cross the Syrian border into safety which was an ended journey on foot of more than one hundred and eighty. Four members of the SAS managed to steal a vehicle to drive to within eight miles of the border. As they approached a military checkpoint, it is said they escaped the vehicle to run for the border. In the mad dash to the border three SAS soldiers were killed, two were killed during open fire and one was providing cover fire for other members of the patrol. The third soldier was killed while trying to steal a car from Iraqi soldiers, while the forth died from hypothermia. The four remaining SAS soldiers were captured and tortured. In their flight it is reported that this eight-man team killed approximately two hundred and fifty Iraqi soldiers before they were killed or captured. 

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