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david stirlingOn November 30, 1946, the War Office disbanded the United Kingdom based British SAS regiments, however; on May 1, 1947, the British SAS were re-raised as the Territorial Army unit 21 SAS.

On June 30, 1984, at the opening of a new SAS base at Stirling Lines, David Stirling stated in his opening speech:

“… I have always felt uneasy in being known as the founder of the Regiment. To ease my conscience I would like it to be recognized that I have five co-founders: Jock Lewes and ‘Paddy’ Blair Mayne of the original ‘L’ Detachment, SAS; Georges BergĂ©, whose unit of the Free French joined the SAS in June 1942; Brian Franks, who re-established 21 SAS Regiment after the SAS had been disbanded at the end of the Second World War; and John Woodhouse who created the modern 22 SAS Regiment during the Malayan campaign by restoring the Regiment to its original philosophy. …”

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