Falklands War

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The SAS also performed extensive action in the Falklands War. Teams infiltrated various points for reconnaissance missions. An Argentine submarine was attacked in Cumberland bay. RN Harriers were guided in at Port Stanley after a team spotted Argentine helicopters being redeployed. An airfield at Pebble Island was raided as eleven aircraft were destroyed at the cost of one SAS member being injured. 

The Falklands was also the new testing ground for the Stinger Missile. The Stinger is a hand held surface to air missile. During the Falklands, the Stinger saw limited use with the SAS, however today the SAS carries the weapon in its arsenal. The Stinger was used to shoot down low flying Argentinean jets. Although one report claims a soldier also shot one out of the sky with a GPMG, the Stinger case however is proven. The Stinger was purchased from 1st SFOD-D at the beginning of the war.

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