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sas tshirts The British Special Air Service Mobility Troops

sas mobility troops

Mobility Troop personnel are those that focus in vehicle insertion methods. It is one of the oldest of troops as it was formed to travel deep beyond enemy lines to cause havoc on the enemy. Vehicle insertions produce logistical security challenges, however; they allow for a more sustainable patrol in the medium to deep battle spaces.

The requirements of the Mobility Troops are to be skilled in vehicle maintenance for a range of vehicles used by the Regiment. Some of these vehicles include; Honda 250 motor cycle, Honda 350 Quad, Land Rovers and the Supacat HMT. These military vehicles can be vigorously configured with a wide range of weapons systems for protection to include; Browning .50 caliber machine gun, MK 19 40 mm grenade launcher, twin or single L7A2 .62 mm GPMG, and the Javelin anti-tank guided missile.

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