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sas survival courses

The Special Air Services Regiment (SAS) is the primary Special Forces entity of the British Army. It is the most significant part of the United Kingdom Special Forces. Although the SAS is a small and enigmatic in institution, it serves as representation for similar entities fielded by other countries.

Once you have constructed your own bivi camp in preparation for your night under the stars, you can enjoy a delicious ration pack meal;  gather round the campfire and share drinks and stories with your ex military instructors.  After a good nights sleep a tasty breakfast will provide you with the energy required to complete the mornings activities.  Your team must choose two activities to take part in.

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Woodland Patrol:  Learn the secrets of the SAS, landmines and booby traps.  Then put your new knowledge to the test.  Will you survive the woodland patrol?  Under a parachute shelter, you are shown a little about the SA80 rifle, then how to locate landmines and booby traps.  Taking turns as lead scout, your team will patrol along a set course, meeting many hazards on the way, including enemy snipers.  All the time looking out for landmines and booby traps.

Survival Training:  You will learn what it takes to survive in jungles, deserts, sea and temperate areas of the world.  The training ranges from finding water to building shelters.  You will be taught how to start fires in many different ways ranging from friction (rubbing two sticks together) to using household chemicals.  You will then be able to put your knowledge into practice.

Anti-Tank:  Take a 3.5 inch ROCKET LAUNCHER, 1 TANK, and try to blow it to bits.  You will fire sub calibre pyrotechnic rockets at the tank.  Hitting this long range target will require teamwork and skill.

The Armoury:  From pistol to an anti tank rocket, you will be shown the weapons and how they work, along with lots of funny stories and reminisces.  Weapons used are M16, M16.203, SLR, A2, SA80, AK47 revolvers and automatic pistols, 3.5 rocket launcher.  Hundreds of weapons are on display for you to view.

Sniper Alley:  Armed with an 8 shot Beretta automatic pistol (air pistol), you will take turns to move down a woodland range, targets will pop up to the front and sides and its your job to take them out.  For safety you will be accompanied by an instructor.

Experience summary:  Duration is approximately 16 hours from 1730 to 1000 the following morning.  All equipment, outer clothing and food is provided.  Max group size 10 (contact us for bigger group sizes).

Availability: Event runs on selected dates throughout the year usually March – November.

Requirements:  Minimum age 16. Under 18’s must be accompanied by a participating adult.  You are advised to dress for inclement weather and wear sturdy footwear.

Spectators and Facilities:  This activity is not suitable for spectators. There are toilet facilities on site (but you are supposed to be roughing it a little)!!

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