Heckler And Koch G36

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The new Assault Rifle G36 is a completely new modular weapon system in calibre 5.56 mm x 45 NATO. It is constructed almost entirely of a tough, glass fibre reinforced polymer material. The main weapon components consist of glass fibre reinforced polymer with stainless steel inserts. This has enabled weight to be kept very low without sacrificing strength, durability or robustness.

Thanks to the self-regulating gas block, the gas-operated weapon works extremely reliably and only requires a minimum of maintenance.

After passing exhaustive tests with excellent results, it was adopted by and is now in use with the Federal German Armed Forces (including the NATO KRK Crisis Reaction Forces).

Even during the use of practice ammunition, the G36 works absolutely reliably without using any muzzle attachments.

Safety blank firing attachments for use with conventional blank ammunition are available as accessories.

From hk-usa.com