World War 2

sas tshirts SAS Presence during WW2

stirlingApproximately 2,500 military individuals, who were selected volunteers from the Auxiliary Units of the Home Guard, served with the SAS in World War II. For the next few years the SAS executed many successful and courageous missions, destroying many aircraft and fuel depots of the enemy. It was their success that contributed to Adolf Hitler’s issuing his Kommandobefehl order to execute all captured enemy personnel of the Special Forces.

In January of 1943 David Stirling, who was often referred by as the phantom major, was captured and remained a prisoner of war through World War II. It is said that upon escaping many times he was finally sent to the escape proof Colditz Castle, a prisoner of war (POW) camp located in the heart of Germany.

The Creation of the SAS

SAS Presence during World War II

SAS Disbanded

Post WWII Presence

The Falklands War

The Iranian Embassy Siege

The Gulf War